Birthday Trip to LegoLand Florida 

This post is Sponsored by LegoLand Florida, all opinions here are my own. 

We visited LegoLand Florida in the beginning of the month right before Matthew’s Birthday! We got him ready by watching the Lego Movie about 1,000,000,000 times and of course singing Everything is Awesome everyday for a week leading up too our trip. 

When we arrived at the park he could hardly contain his excitement!! His reaction to is wanting a photo (above)  in front of the park “I’ve been waiting for days” poor kid! The more I think about some of things he says the more I realize his beautiful little 3 year old self only knows joy! It helps me realize everyday to see the joy and excitement in everything we do.

LegoLand is such a fun place! As a kid that did all the theam parks and attractions, I can tell you some of my best memories happened on these trips and that’s why we try and put a side time to have fun at the parks. 

One of the first rides we did was the double decker carousel! Matthew loves horses and when he seen this double decker he was on top of the world!! I had no problem riding with Jacob we sat in one of the benches and as long as he was on my lap The didn’t mind . 😊

We continued our day switching off ridding with Matthew and staying with Jacob in the stroller (we rented the double stroller) $20 at the rental window. It worked out great for us, the whole park is very family friendly and there were tons of shaded benches where I could nurse the baby. 


We are in the park, we dinned at Castle Burger in LEGO® Kingdoms soly because it smelled great and we were hungry when passing though. It was such a great choice, the burger was great in terms of park food. It very well priced at $10 for the burger with French Fries. 

Attention Ninja fans Matthew & I got to ride the new Ninjago ride!! It was amazing, it is the perfect mix of interactive experience with a relaxing air conditioned break from the sun. 

One of the things be sure to make time for is MINILAND USA
Where else can you see California, Las Vegas, Washington DC and New York City all in one day? MINILAND USA contains over 32 million LEGO® bricks and amazing scenes from coast to coast all the way to a galaxy far, far away!


Tips for traveling:

Download the resort app! 

Bring a battery powered fan.

Use my favorite cool mist by Evian (It’s water in a can ! 💦) 

Thank you LEGOLAND Florida for having us, everything truly was awesome! 


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